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Pricing & Billing: Introduction
Pricing & Billing: Introduction

Learn about Insightful’s price plans, subscription management, and billing methods

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Insightful's multiple billing options provide organizations with flexibility and scalability. With different price plans, customers can pick the solution that best fits their budget and long-term goals. Each solution comes with different features designed to accommodate your industry-specific needs.

Price Plans

Insightful offers the following pricing plans:

  • Productivity Management: Insights into how employees use their time, including attendance tracking and productivity analysis.

  • Time Tracking: Tracking project timelines and monitoring employee time spent on various tasks for better management and budget planning. Productivity management features are also included.

  • Process Improvement: Advanced customization options to optimize company time down to the second, improving internal business processes.

  • Enterprise: Enterprise-level features such as Single Sign-On, Audit Logs, Insider Threat Detection, and On-Premise Deployment. This plan is fully customizable to meet the needs of large-scale operations.


Once you pick a price plan that aligns with your business needs and has all the desired features, you can subscribe by accessing your account dashboard. From there, you can navigate to the subscription management section and select to set up the subscription.

You can adjust your subscription settings even after you’re done with the setup. For example, you can switch between monthly and annual billing cycles to take advantage of discounts.

Billing Methods

You will be charged for your Insightful subscription based on the price plan and the number of employees you monitor. The pricing is typically on a per-user basis, meaning you will pay a set amount for each employee device on your account.

Insightful does not bill for Admins and Managers who have access to the Insightful Dashboard, only for the monitored employees.

Our platform supports multiple devices per employee, which affects billing. You can learn more about our billing method here.

An important thing to note is that Insightful uses prorated billing. This means if you upgrade your plan or add/remove employees mid-billing cycle, your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

Prorated billing ensures you are only charged for the portion of the billing cycle during which you had access to the upgraded features or monitored employees. This provides fairness and accuracy in billing, reflecting the actual usage of Insightful's services.

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