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Breaks: Enabling, Using and Managing
Breaks: Enabling, Using and Managing

Learn how Admins can enable break functionality and how Employees can utilize it within different Tracking scenarios offered by Insightful

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Using and managing breaks is essential for maintaining productivity and adherence to time tracking policies. Admins can enable break functionality in Insightful platform via the Settings page, allowing employees to take scheduled breaks during their shifts. Break settings, including duration and extension options, can be configured to suit organizational needs.

Insightful automatically calculates shift durations and assigns break times, making it easy for employees to track their breaks within the app or widget.

Enabling Breaks

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. Locate and open the Tracking Settings.

Press three dots far right from the settings template you need and click on Edit.

Configuring Break Settings

  • Break Time: Choose the desired break duration (5-120 minutes) or disable breaks entirely.

  • Break Extension: Decide whether employees can exceed the allotted break time (becoming idle) or not.

  • Multiple Breaks: Determine if employees can take additional breaks after finishing their allocated break time.

Insightful's Stealth mode doesn't support breaks due to their reliance on user input and a visible break button.

Understanding Shift breaks

  • Insightful automatically calculates shift durations and assigns break times per shift.

  • A shift starts upon an employee's first clock-in or detected computer activity, and a new one is created after 4 hours of inactivity.

Using Breaks

For Automatic Attendance Tracking

  1. Locate and right-click the Insightful icon in the app tray to access the Quick window.

  2. Select Start Break to initiate and Stop Break to finish your break.

  3. Monitor break time - the remaining break time is displayed alongside the start/stop buttons.

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For Manual Attendance Tracking

  • A dedicated break button with the remaining time is visible on the employee's widget.

  • Click Take a Break to start and Stop the Break to finish your break.

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Breaks are crucial for maintaining focus and productivity. Utilize them effectively while adhering to your company's Time Tracking policies.

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