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Automatic Attendance Tracking scenarios for Company Computers
Automatic Attendance Tracking scenarios for Company Computers

How is Clock in and Clock out time generated with Unlimited, Fixed and Automatic Network based tracking

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For Company Computers users you can choose between all Attendance Tracking scenarios, unlike with Personal where you can choose only ones that employees can Start and Stop manually. Therefore, in addition to Manual and Project Based Attendance Tracking, you can also choose from Unlimited, Fixed or Automatic network based attendance tracking scenarios.

These three scenarios are automatic - no user input to start or stop Insightful are needed. Clock in and Clock out times are collected automatically.

Note: Default tracking scenario for Company Computers is always set to Unlimited. In order to change the tracking scenario: Go to Settings >> Tracking Settings >> 3 dots far right from the shared settings group you wish to change the tracking scenario for.


Insightful will work all the time while the computer is turned on, on selected days of the week. The first computer activity for the day will mark Clock In time on attendance dashboard, which is usually computer booting up. The very last activity will represent Clock Out time.

Last computer activity can also be computer shut down, but if the computer was left turned on and there was no activity for 4 hours or more Insightful will count last recorded computer activity as a clock out.

Note: The default 4 hours threshold can be altered in Settings >> Tracking Settings >> Advanced Settings


Insightful will automatically activate, Clock In the employee, and track time without stopping, only at a predefined from-to time span and for selected days of the week. Example, employees that work fixed working hours from 9 till 5, Monday-Friday; Clock out will be time set for the shift to end. If the employee uses the device before or after the determined time frame Insightful will not track that usage.

Network based

Tracking attendance only when a device is connected to a uniquely named network with registered MAC addresses for each. Clock In time will be the first activity on the saved network and Clock out time last activity before disconnecting from the same. Example, good for implementation if employees are taking their computers home and/or are allowed to use them for personal use outside the office but you don't want to track their usage when not in the office.

VPN based

Insightful also offers automated attendance tracking that monitors employee activity while they are connected to a VPN network. This ensures that Insightful operates continuously only when the computer is connected to the VPN.
Clock-in and clock-out times are automatically recorded when employees connect or disconnect from the VPN network, eliminating the need for manual input from employees.

To establish a VPN accessibility endpoint, you have two options: utilize an existing endpoint or create a new one. If you decide to create a new endpoint, we recommend using the format:

It’s crucial to ensure that each server has a unique endpoint, accessible only to users when they are actively connected to their VPN client. Our Agent application will regularly check communication with this endpoint. As long as the endpoint is accessible, tracking will remain active. However, if the Agent cannot reach the endpoint, tracking will be paused until the connection is restored within 2 minutes. Once the connection to the VPN endpoint is reestablished, tracking will resume.

By incorporating this VPN accessibility endpoint, Insightful can accurately confirm the presence of an active VPN, providing reliable attendance monitoring without requiring any additional effort from your employees.

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