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Can users stop Insightful?
Can users stop Insightful?

How and when can Insightful tracking be stopped by employees

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Since Insightful offers you flexibility in ways you can track your employees, with different tracking scenarios come different permissions the Employees will have while their attendance and productivity are being monitored.

Automatic tracking scenario

β€‹πŸ‘‰ Automatic attendance tracking scenarios will start and stop the tracking process, as well as clock employees in and out, in an automated way.

​❗ Note: Employees monitored under automatic tracking scenarios cannot stop Insightful from running. The same goes for users tracked via Stealth mode.

Manual and project based tracking scenarios

πŸ‘‰ Manual and Project based tracking scenarios require user input with clocking in and out, or starting and pausing the task timer - which starts and stops Insightful tracking.

​❗ Note: Employees that use Manual or Project based attendance tracking can stop Insightful by either pressing the Clock Out button or pausing their task timer, depending on their tracking scenario.

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