Real-Time Insights overview

Introducing Real-time Insights and its data analysis

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❗ Important Note: With current app version, for users behind the proxy, apps and websites won't be displayed correctly on the Real-Time Dashboard - Currently using column will display absent status in most cases.

The Real-time Insights dashboard allows you to see the current status of all employees at a glance and their data synced in real time.
πŸ“ˆ At the top of the page you have the following stats:

  • Number of employees on your account. Useful for tracking and managing your subscription charges

  • Currently active is the number of users that are active on their computers at the moment

  • Currently unproductive is the number of users that are currently active on their computers, but they are using unproductive apps or websites

πŸ“‘ Below these stats is the list of Employees displaying:

  • Employee Name

  • Team the employee belongs to

  • Their Clock-in and Clock-out timestamps,

  • Currently Using status:

    • App or website that is currently in focus on their desktop and if it is Productive (green), Unproductive (red) or Neutral (gray), or

    • Statuses: Inactive when idle during the shift, Absent when employee did not start their shift yet, and On break if they are using their break at the moment

  • Task they are working on if you use Project Management functionality with our Time Tracking plan

The search box enables you to find specific employees by their name but you can also use it to filter the list per team, project or task by typing in the search box.
​❗ Note: You can customize the Real-Time Dashboard view by choosing the columns you wish to see in the upper right corner. Clicking the Export button will provide you with the .csv file of the customized data from the dashboard at that time.


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