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Server time check - Strict time feature
Server time check - Strict time feature

Use Insightful's Strict time security feature to sync with server time, prevent time tampering and tracking manipulation attempts

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Strict time is a security feature in Insightful that ensures a synchronized time check between the local device and the server. This measure prevents users from attempting to manipulate their attendance statistics, such as changing the computer time at the beginning or during their shift.

With this feature enabled, Insightful actively checks and compares local device and server time, detecting and preventing any potential time tampering.

Setting up Strict time feature / Server check

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Choose Tracking Settings.

  3. Click on Advanced Settings button.

  4. Check the use strict time box and save settings.

When Strict time feature is active, it is mandatory for users to have a stable and active Internet connection but also that their local computer time matches the server time - in order to track and log user data.

Insightful employee widget behavior

If and when time change is detected while the Strict time feature is active, a pop-up window will be activated informing employees that computer time change has been detected.


Their task timer will then be automatically paused, or their shift will be automatically clocked out - based on tracking scenario in use.

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