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Employee User Merging: User Data Consolidation
Employee User Merging: User Data Consolidation

What merging Employee users means and how it affects your organization's data

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Merging Employee users in Insightful allows you to consolidate data from two users into one, streamlining data management and ensuring accuracy across your dashboards. This feature is essential for maintaining data integrity and optimizing user management within your organization.

The merging process ensures historical data (including time tracking, productivity metrics and app/website usage) is seamlessly transferred from the source to the destination Employee user. As long as they belong to the same organization account, two Employee users can be merged regardless of their account settings (e.g. whether they have different tracking settings, are added as company or personal computer users, are active or deactivated etc.).

Merging makes it possible for employees to use 2 devices while time and activities recorded on both devices get merged into one user records.

Only organization's Admins can perform Employee user merging, Manager users cannot. Once finished, the process can't be reversed. Merged users cannot be separated and/or unmerged.

By merging users, organizations can effectively manage their user base and avoid redundancy in billing, ensuring that charges are accurate and reflective of the actual number of active users within the system.

How to merge employee users

Merging employees can be done in 2 ways:

  1. You can merge employee users yourself from the Insightful dashboard if you prefer. This article guides you through the manual merge process.

  2. Alternatively, we can gladly merge users for you. Simply reach out to us via in-app chat or at Send us the list of users to be merged, along with instructions on which user is the source and which is the destination.

User data being merged

The following data is historically merged:

  • time tracked (on Employees, Teams and Time & Attendance page)

  • productivity metrics (on Employees, Teams and Time & Attendance page)

  • app/website usage

  • screenshots created

  • timesheets

  • project & task time

This means that all the shifts, projects and productivity-related data is transferred from the source employee to the destination employee.

πŸ‘‰ Please keep in mind the following:

Activity logs - It displays the Employee name and computer name of the actual employee user who had this activity in the past - historical data will not be altered after the merge on the Activity logs page.
​Real-time insights - If both the source and the destination employee track time simultaneously, Real-time insights display only the activity from the destination employee. The source employee's shift is not represented on the Real Time page at all. It is, however, regularly displayed on the timesheets.

Employees list - On the admin dashboard source employees will still be included if you click on Merged tab. They will not be shown on Active employees tab.
​Timelines - After merging employee users, if there are any overlapping shifts, they are displayed on the timelines so that the source employee shift overlays destination employee shift for the observed period on the timelines.

How merging affects billing and charges

Source users will not be billed. If you merge two users into one, you will be charged for one user only.

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