How to Merge Employee users?

Learn how to merge employees within Insightful's Employees section

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​Employee users can be seamlessly merged from Insightful's Employees section by organization's Admins only. This function is significant for employers as it allows them to streamline employee data management, ensuring accuracy and consistency in tracking employee activities and productivity metrics.

Merging function is exclusive to Admins and cannot be performed by Managers. Once finished, the process can't be reversed: Merged users and their data can't be separated and/or unmerged.

Steps to merge employees

  1. Go to the Employees page.

  2. Find Merged tab.

  3. Click on the arrow - Merge Employees button, in the upper right corner.​

  4. New window will pop up where the merging process happens. You have info buttons above both fields that explain each box's purpose. Please note that this way you can only merge employee users from the same teams.

    • Merge from box is where you select the source employee user. This means that all their historical and new data will be displayed under another employee's name (and this is a merge into / destination user employee).

    • Merge into box is where you select the destination employee user - the one that will, after the merge process, display data from both this user and the source (merge from) user.

  5. After you have selected both merge from (source) and merge into (destination) employee users, you will see the basic info on both of these employees below the boxes so you can verify that those are the correct users you wish to merge. Their team, employee identification and the tracking settings they are using. If the right users are selected, you can then proceed and click on the Merge Employees button.

  6. Finally, you will see one more window where you need to confirm that you wish to merge employee users you have previously selected.

If you wish to know more on how the merging process works, please read this article as well.

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