Good news - Insightful is now available on Linux, too! 🎉

Note: This is still in beta testing stage, so in case you want to try it out, here's what you need to know.

The following Linux distributions are supported both for Company and Personal computer versions:

  • RedHat 8.3 +

  • Fedora 29 +

  • Mint 18.4 +

  • Ubuntu 16.04 +

Personal Computer Installation

1. Download the Insightful Personal Computer agent via this link

2. Right click on the file and choose Properties

3. On Permissions tab, check the option Allow executing file as a program

4. Exit the window and double click on the AppImage file

Company Computer Installation

For company computer users, as every account has its unique installation script, please contact our support team at to get the installation script for your organization.


👆 Since Linux is still in beta, we're aware that these things may not work properly:

  • Capturing screenshots

    • Ubuntu 16.04

  • 32-Bit version of the software

    • All supported distributions

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