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Notifications on Employee Attendance

Get notified if your employees are running late, haven't started their shift yet or are absent from work having entirely missed their shift

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Employee Attendance Notifications provide Admins and Managers with valuable and timely insights into their team's attendance and punctuality.

By setting up alerts for late arrivals, missed clock-ins, and missed shifts, managers can stay informed about their employees' work time and take immediate action if needed.

These notifications ensure that managers can effectively monitor employee attendance, address any issues promptly, and maintain coverage, productivity and efficiency within the organization.

Notification Types

There are three types of notifications you can receive about employee shifts:

Late arrivals

You can be notified if an employee is late for their shift. You can choose how many minutes after the Scheduled Shift starts you want to receive notifications. To set this up, go to Settings β†’ Alerts β†’ Shifts Scheduling. Then, choose the number of minutes you want to wait before receiving a notification.

Shift not started yet

If Employees missed the Clock-In to start their shift by the scheduled start time, you can receive a notification.

Shift missed

If an employee misses their entire shift, you will receive a notification after the shift is scheduled to end.

Who can receive notifications

Admins and Managers can choose to receive notifications about their employees' Scheduled Shifts. You can choose to receive notifications in the app and/or by email.

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