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Categories allow you to view how time is spent across different categories, making it easier to detect work patterns. We automatically categorize apps and websites into one of 16 predefined categories. To view or change which category apps and websites belong to, please visit this article.

A category report translates all time spent on different apps and websites into actionable information to aid in your decision-making processes.

What You Will Find In the Category Report

To locate this Report, go to Reports - Work Type - Categories tab.

The Category Report presents data for all 16 categories, including the Uncategorized category.

This report can be filtered by the employee, and the time period and data will change accordingly. The report consists of the following parts:

  • Average Usage Per Category

When you land on the Category Report, you will see a radar chart displaying average usage of all categories.

  • Highlights Section

In the highlight section, you'll find information on which category has been used the most in the remote environment, and in the office environment. You'll also see which category tool has had the most productive hours spent, as well as unproductive hours.

You can compare two periods, and aside from the information in the Highlights section, you will also see highlighted the category which has the biggest increase in total hour usage between the 2 periods.

  • Category Usage Overview

In Category Usage Overview, you can see all 16 categories listed by total hours, in descending order. For each, you can see a split between usage in the Remote environment, and in the Office Environment. Additionally, you can observe productivity levels, which provide a breakdown of hours into productive, unproductive, and neutral hours. For more detailed insights into time spent, hover over the Locations and Productivity Level graph to view all data for each category.

  • Deep Dive Information Into Each Category

When you click on any category, a new page will load, showing more detailed time data, offering you deeper insights into the apps and websites in that category. There, you can easily access the following information:

  1. Total time spent on the apps and websites in the selected category for the chosen time period, broken down into time spent on productive, unproductive, and neutral activities within the selected category

2. Each statistic also provides average data per employee, per day:


3. Visual timeline graph representing the average usage of apps and websites in the selected category, broken down by day, week, and month for each employee over the chosen period

4. Breakdown by location that shows the percentage of the apps and websites in the selected category used in the office versus remotely

5. The five most and least used apps/websites in the specified category, detailing total hours spent and average duration for the selected time period

6. Top active employees, with information on the total number of days they use apps and websites in the specific category, along with the average time duration per employee

7. Top active teams, with information on the total number of days they used apps and websites in the specific category, along with the average usage duration per team

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