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View and filter Apps & Websites by Category
View and filter Apps & Websites by Category

Understand how your teams spend time by Category of Apps & Websites

Written by Katarina Dakic
Updated over a week ago

Viewing and filtering Apps & Websites by Category in Insightful allows Admins and Managers (with the needed permissions) to track how their employees and/or teams allocate their time across different types and categories of applications and websites, aiding in understanding productivity as well as work patterns and habits of their organizations.

Category view allows Admins and Managers to view and filter apps and websites by category. However, only Admins have the authority to modify them, as these changes can only be made at organizational level.

How to View Apps & Websites by Category

Category view is visible through multiple pages on the platform:

Productivity Trends & Individual Employee Page

On the Productivity Trends page and Individual Employee page, you can see the information for the top 5 categories your employees spend the most time on and a pie chart showing this distribution visually.

Productivity Settings & Activities Logs

When you are within Productivity Settings or Activities logs - you are able to see Category columns with info on which category apps and websites belong to.

How to Filter Apps & Websites by Category

You can filter any views according to the specific category. You can also select multiple categories when filtering. The category filter is available on the following pages:

  • Productivity Settings Page

  • Screenshot Page

  • Activities Logs Page

Filter Productivity Settings Page

Filter Screenshots Page

How to Change Predefined Categories

We categorize apps and websites automatically into one of 16 predefined categories:

  1. Adult/Illegal

  2. Advertising Tools

  3. Art & Entertainment

  4. Collaborative Software

  5. Communication

  6. Company Specific

  7. CRMs and ERPs

  8. Development Tools

  9. Services

  10. Education

  11. News

  12. Search Engine

  13. Social & Professional Network

  14. PM Tools

  15. AI Tools

  16. Uncategorized

If the predefined category does not suit your business needs, you can change it to a different one. When a category is changed it will also be recorded in your Audit logs.

You can apply changes to categories in bulk as well:

Leaving Feedback

As an Admin, you can decide to use the original predefined categories or change them. After choosing the category or changing it, you will be asked to leave additional feedback if you want to.

Insightful is continuously improving and updating the list of predefined categories based on the changes you make and feedback you provide.

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