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Insightful tags provide you with the flexibility to personalize your reporting. By creating unique tags, you can label apps and websites according to your specific needs.

Once you create and apply your custom tags to apps and websites, you can dive into comprehensive reports and see how much time is spent on apps and websites denoted by different tags in the Tags report.

You can create your own tags or choose from our predefined list. To view, create, and learn how to apply custom tags to your apps and websites, please visit this article.

What You Will Find In the Tags Report

To locate this Report, go to Reports - Work Type - Tags tab.

The Tags report presents data for all your custom and predefined tags that you created and applied for apps and websites.

This report can be filtered by the employee, specific tags, and the time period, and the data will change accordingly. The report consists of the following parts:

  • Average Usage Per Tag

When you land on the Tag Report, you will see a radar chart displaying the average usage of all predefined and custom-created Tags.

  • Highlights Section

In the highlight section, you'll find information on which tool labeled by specific tag has been used the most in the remote environment, and in the office environment. You'll also see which tool labeled by specific tag has had the most productive hours spent, as well as unproductive hours.

You can compare two periods, and aside from the information in the Highlights section, you will also see highlighted the tag which has the biggest increase in total hour usage between the 2 periods.

  • Tag Usage Overview

In Tag Usage Overview, you can see all your custom created and predefined tags listed by total hours, in descending order. For each, you can see a split between usage in the Remote environment, and in the Office Environment. Additionally, you can observe productivity levels, which provide a breakdown of hours into productive, unproductive, and neutral hours.

For more detailed insights into time spent, hover over the Locations and Productivity Level graph to view all data for each category.

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