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Creating Teams and Adding Employees to a Team
Creating Teams and Adding Employees to a Team

Learn the steps to create teams in Insightful and assign employees to a team

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Insightful enables efficient team organization and collaboration through team creation and employee assignment.

Create a Team

  1. Go to the Teams dashboard,

  2. Click on the Create New Team button,

  3. Name the team and click Save.

Assign an Employee to a Team

Now that you have created a Team you can assign users to it:

  1. Click on the Employees Tab, on the far right of the employee row that you would like to assign to a team, click on three dots, and select Edit.

  2. On the Edit window, you will find the Team box. Upon clicking on it, you can choose which Team to assign the specific user to.

Alternatively, you can create and/or assign users to a Team when adding personal computer users from the Employees dashboard.

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