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How employees can view their own stats on employee dashboards and how to permit / restrict certain data to be viewable

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Employees can review the employee tracking data Insightful is logging by clicking on Open Dashboard from their widget, or from the sys or app tray by clicking on the Insightful icon first.

Note: If employee dashboard is bookmarked and accessed via browser directly, it might be unreachable. Each visit to the dashboard should be from the widget or Insightful icon.

Dashboard layout:

Employee dashboard is customizable. What employee can view on employee dashboards depends completely on Insightful admin and available permissions within settings. Employee dashboards look the same as admin's and manager's but with only certain permissions, most of which can be allowed / restricted by Insightful admin.


  • As an Admin, go to Settings >> Tracking settings >> 3 dots far right >> Edit

  • Once you are in the the settings window, scroll down a bit to Permissions section

Here you can allow employees to access their own productivity data, how much time they spent in Productive, Unproductive or Neutral apps & websites. Additionally you can allow viewing Apps and Websites they are using.

Note: If none of the above permission boxes are checked, employees will still have core access and see their Work time only. Productivity stats and used apps & websites will not be shown. Lack of productivity view permission will display all Work time as Idle.

Here are Tasks permissions as well. This is crucial for Project Tracking plan and for allowing employees to see data on projects and tasks they are working on.


If permitted, employee can also see their own screenshots, or even have the ability to delete them.

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