Setting up the Tracking of Employee users

Learn how to set up your employee's Insightful usage as well as their actions and time tracking

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Insightful is as flexible as you need it to be. There are numerous permissions for you to customize in order to allow or deny certain actions to your employees, and you can find them in Settings β†’ Tracking Settings on the Insightful web platform.

Employee Attendance Tracking Options

You can choose to permit employees to Clock in and Clock out themselves to start or stop Insightful logging data by setting one of the Manual Attendance Tracking Scenarios: Manual or Project based.

Or you can choose to enable Insightful's Automatic Attendance Tracking Scenario removing that extra step of clocking in and clocking out from your employee's daily tasks.

Employees with Insightful running in Stealth mode on their devices can only have Automatic Attendance Tracking Scenario enabled.

Application Visibility Modes

Besides this, you can also decide whether your employees will or will not see if Insightful is active on their devices by choosing Visible or Stealth mode permitting or denying Insightful user interface (icon or a widget) to be active on the computer.

Automatic tracking scenario, restriction of clock in / clock out buttons and option to have Insightful run in Stealth mode are available with company computer installation option only.

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