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Activities Timeline per employee
Activities Timeline per employee

Activities Timeline offers a detailed look at individual employee work patterns and activities and managers see their daily activities

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The Activities Timeline helps identify important patterns in an employee's work routine. Admins and Managers can review the timeline and analyze individual team members' daily habits, taking notes if for example, an employee often stays idle during certain hours or takes breaks at specific times. These insights can contribute to fair evaluations and allow for targeted performance improvements.

The feature provides a breakdown of employees' active time, idle time, break time, manual time entries, or shifts for a specific day.

Customizable viewing options

The Activities Timeline offers a customizable viewing experience. Instead of getting a joint timeline for the entire team, you can focus on individual employees and even select a specific date range. This flexibility allows you to zero in on employees’ activities and work habits without getting overwhelmed with data.

In the upper right corner, there’s a Show all days option. Use this feature to select and compare activities over multiple days within the last six months for better analysis.

How to view and manage Employee activities

To find the Activities Timeline for a specific employee go to Employees, click on the name of the employee, and you’ll see a second tab called Activities.

In instances where an employee did not engage in any work-related activities on a particular day, the Activities Timeline will display an empty view. The default setting ensures clarity and transparency, highlighting days of absence or non-productivity.

While Admins have default access to the Activities Timeline, Managers need pre-existing Activities permission to fully use this feature. Also, Admins can give Managers permission to view individual Employee Timeline. You can set up this permission in Settings → User Management → choose Manager you want to give permission to → click on Manager can view Activities.

Overnight shift visibility

For employees who work overnight shifts, the Activities Timeline will display their hours across two consecutive days. The feature starts tracking from midnight and offers a clear depiction of all overnight activities. Overnight shifts are marked on the graph with a small purple moon icon, as shown in the image below.

Detailed insights

Once you hover over the timeline, a pop-over will show up. On the pop-over, you will find details about the employee's active time, working hours, engagement level, and the three most used apps. Additionally, you’ll be able to see whether the apps were productive or unproductive and how long each was used.

When you click on the View Logs, you will be redirected to the Activities page in the section for Logs.

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