Resolving Error Messages

Learn what different error messages in Insightful mean and how to troubleshoot/resolve them.

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Like in every application, there are error messages in Insightful as well. In this article we'll help you get past the most common ones you may encounter. If you come across an error message that isn't listed here and you need help with it, please contact us via chat or send us an email at

Your Account is Deactivated

The account deactivation can happen for a variety of reasons. If you come across this error message please contact your Admin to reactivate your account.

No Organization Associated with your Account

This message means that there isn't a user account in our system that matches the login information provided. Typically, this is because an employee is trying to login to the Personal Computer version of Insightful when they have previously been set up with the Company Computer version.

Failed to open Dashboard

If you come across this message this is what you can do to help get it resolved:

  • Make sure to allow the connection to IP through port 443.

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