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Automatic Registration of Employees on Company computers
Automatic Registration of Employees on Company computers

Insightful automatically tracks every newly logged-in employee, allowing customized configurations in both identification and naming.

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When each user logs onto a company computer for the first time Insightful will register them as an Employee. This enables Insightful to properly register activities of different local users of the same device and they can all use the application as intended.

If this was not the case, activities of all the users on the same device would have been registered as activities of one user and Insightful would not be able to keep track of everyone's activities as intended.

Employee identification

There are two common types of users, and they are registered differently:

  • Domain users (Active Directory users).

  • Local users.

Insightful Admin can adjust relevant settings for identifying new employees in

Settings β†’ Tracking Settings β†’ Advanced Settings.

Multiple parameters and combinations are used to identify new Employees:

  • username,

  • domain,

  • computer name,

  • hardware id (HWID)

Hardware ID (GUID) is the unique moniker for each device / computer.

Domain users (Active Directory users)

Using Active Directory is most common for domain users, but if needed it can be disabled.

Domain users will always be identified the same using Domain/User: After a domain user logs for the first time using Active directory credentials into a computer that has Insightful installed, they can later use any company computer with Insightful installed and all their activities will be linked with their accounts.

Additionally, there is extra information that could be leveraged from Active Directory:

Local users

Identification of local users can be adjusted, and the following combinations can be used:

The default selection is HWID/Username and it will work best if you want to detect all the local users on different machines differently. For special cases, when it is not important to track every user as an employee, two other options can be used.

  • Once changed, identification will apply to new employees only.

  • When Insightful is installed on a device and there are users logging in to that device with both their local and domain (Active Directory) accounts - Insightful will register them as separate employees.

Employee naming (alias)

Identifying employees is used to uniquely register employees. Since it can be hard to recognize those identifiers without a human-readable name Insightful is doing its best to provide a name (alias) for every employee. This information is pulled from different sources on different operating systems.
In case the name is missing, it will temporarily be the same as the identification, but it can be overridden manually using the dashboard for every employee.

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