Enabling and using breaks

How to enable break time and how can employees use it based on different tracking scenarios

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In this article we will cover enabling break time option by Insightful admin and activating / stopping break time by employee users.

Enabling break time

  • Go to Settings >> Tracking Settings

  • Press 3 dots far right for the settings template you need and click on Edit

Break Settings

  • Break Time
    Under Break Time select desired break time length, you can set from 5 to 120 minutes in 5 minute intervals; Or No Break Time to disable breaks altogether.

  • Allow staff to go over allowed break time
    If this option is enabled staff will be able to stay on a break longer than the time you have configured. If this option is not enabled staff will appear as idle after they have used up all of their allowed break time.

  • Allow new breaks after break time is exceeded
    If this option is enabled staff will be able to start new breaks even after they have used up all of their allowed break time.


  • Stealth mode does not support break time as this feature requires user input and a visible break button.

  • Insightful is dynamically calculating shift work times and break times are defined and allotted on a per 'shift' basis. By default a shift time will start when an employee first clocks in or we register computer activity from them for the day, and a new shift will be created if we detect 4 hours of idle activity.


Using break time

Automatic attendance tracking scenarios users can access break time by opening quick window

  • Locate Insightful icon in the app or system tray

  • Right mouse click on it to open quick window

  • Select Start break

  • To stop break time timer, do the same steps and select Stop Break

Note: Available / left Break time will be displayed alongside start / stop break button

Manual attendance tracking scenario users will have break button displayed on their widget along with time left available

  • To Start / Stop Break time timer click on Take a Break / Stop the Break button

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