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Insightful Visibility Settings

Insightful can operate and track Employee productivity in two modes: Visible and Stealth. Learn which one suits your organization best.

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Insightful offers two employee activities and productivity tracking Visibility modes, Stealth and Visible, providing flexibility in how it operates so you can select the one that suits your organization best.

Visible mode allows Manual or Automatic attendance tracking, provides more customization options, includes time tracking on tasks and projects and screenshot frequency adjustments.

Stealth mode ensures continuous, discreet data capture and automatic attendance recording with no employee disturbance and no employee control.

Organizations can choose the mode that best aligns with their preferences and regulatory requirements.

Visible Mode

  • Insightful icon is visible on the employee computers.

  • Employees can Start and Stop Insightful from tracking time and productivity data manually - they can Clock In and Clock Out using the Insightful Application.

  • Employees can access their own Employee dashboard and see personal productivity data.

  • Employees can use Time Tracking on Tasks widget and log time spent on tasks they are assigned to.

  • Visible mode with Manual tracking scenario set is necessary for personal computers option if you have remote working employees and ones that work using their personal devices. They will need to start/stop Insightful so that their personal use outside of their working hours is not tracked.

  • Visible mode is also necessary if your employees are working on projects and tasks. They need the ability to interact with Insightful to use the related functionalities.

Stealth Mode

  • Insightful automatically starts up and tracks activities in the background without any user input.

  • Employees won't have to Start or Stop Insightful (or Clock in and Clock out) as it will be collecting productivity data automatically as long as their computer is on. 

  • Insightful icon will not be visible in the operating system's app tray but the application will be working silently in the background. 

  • Employees will not see the Insightful icon on their desktops and therefore will not be able to have access to their own productivity-related data.

Setting Visibility Modes

Visibility modes can be set in two ways:

  • In Tracking Settings when creating or editing a Tracking scenario for company computers (as for personal computers the mode is set by default to Visible and cannot be changed),

  • On an individual Employee level (navigate to an individual Employee's page in Insightful and then click Settings in the upper right corner),

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