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Insightful Tracking Settings profiles
Insightful Tracking Settings profiles

Setting up Insightful for your workplace needs

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In this guide you will learn how to set Insightful's Tracking Settings profiles which will enable you to configure the application according to the specific needs of your organization.

Tracking Settings

To access your shared tracking settings, navigate to Settings → Tracking settings.

Here you can add a new setting profile...

...or edit an existing one by clicking on the three dots menu at the far right and selecting Edit.

Let's go through the settings you can configure:

Visibility Settings

These settings allow you to configure how Insightful appears to your employees.

Set up whether you want Insightful to be Visible to your employees or operate in Stealth mode.

When Insightful is visible (recommended), employees can see the application on their computers and can access their own data if chosen. This provides a powerful productivity tool for self-analysis. You can learn more about visibility in Insightful here.

If your business is using Projects & Tasks, then Insightful must be visible for them to be able to interact with the platform.

Screenshot Settings

Here you can configure screenshots and set the following:

  • If you want Insightful to take screenshots.

  • How often you want those screenshots taken.

  • If your staff will have the option to view / delete their own screenshots.

Time Tracking

Here you can review and set various time tracking options and customize break settings, as well as define the parameters for the application to detect employees as idle (no keyboard strokes or mouse movements).

  • Break Time
    Define how much break time employees are allowed to take if any (this option is not available in Stealth mode)

  • Idle Time
    Set the duration of inactivity for Insightful to recognize an employee as idle.

  • Tracking Scenario
    Set your desired tracking scenario choosing from:
    - Unlimited
    - Fixed
    - Network-Based

    - VPN based
    - Manual Clock in
    - Project-Based

    There are a lot of options here and we recommend learning more on each with our full guide on the different Time and Attendance scenarios.


  • Employees can analyze their own productivity [Recommended]

    Allow employees to access the data about their own productivity

  • Employee can see used apps and websites

    Allow employees to see which apps and websites they've used. This is more detailed analysis level than the ability to analyze their productivity.

  • Employees can add Manual time

  • These shared settings will be the default settings for office or personal employee accounts in your organization.

  • For additional flexibility, see how Insightful supports multiple settings profiles within an account.

  • If the default settings are overridden for users individually, the changes in the shared settings done after the mentioned override will not impact the previously overridden individual users.

    • The override will have to be reverted in their accounts individually before the mentioned changes of the shared settings could take effect for these particular users.


If you are using our Time tracking plan you can also:

  • Track time on tasks
    Allow employees to track time against specific tasks by clicking start/stop on the timer to get detailed task-level timesheets.

  • Allow employees to add new tasks
    Allow employees to add tasks themselves for tracking. If this setting is not enabled, they can only see and track time on tasks that have been added for them by managers.

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