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Device slowdown Troubleshooting

What to do if your device slows down and you suspect it might have to do something with Insightful

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If your device is performing slower than it normally does and you want to check if its the running of the Insightful application that might be causing this, you can follow a very simple procedure to verify if that's the case.

Clock Out and / or exit Insightful application first to see if the slowdown or lag will stop with this action.

  • If the overall device performance is still slowed down it means its something else and not Insightful that's causing it.

  • If your device starts running normal and without a lag, please proceed with the following steps in order to solve the slowdown.

Step 1

Go to chrome://accessibility/ - copy and paste it to the URL bar.

Step 2

Untick all Accessibility modes.

Step 3

Exit Chrome.

Step 4

On your desktop, or wherever your Chrome shortcut is, right-click on the shortcut and go to the Properties โ†’ Shortcut tab.

Step 5

In the Target field add --disable-renderer-accessibility after the text that is already there.

Step 6

Apply and Save.

Step 7

Reboot the device.

If an error message is preventing the saving after the text has been added to the target field, make sure there is one space between what was already there and the text that is being added.

Check CPU and RAM

Regular Workpuls resource usage is around 40 - 200 MB RAM, and around 0-5% CPU depending on the features used and the computer's processor type.

On Windows devices open Task Manager and find Workpuls in Processes.

On Mac devices, open Activity Monitor and find Workpuls in CPU and Memory tabs.

Any values outside the mentioned range should be reported to for further investigation.

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