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Productivity Labeling: Recommendations Mode
Productivity Labeling: Recommendations Mode

Learn how and where to review Insightful's recommendations for labeling unlabeled applications and websites your employees use

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Productivity Labeling Recommendations Mode provides Insightful's suggestions for labeling unlabeled applications and websites your employees use, assisting Admins in streamlining the labeling process.

Recommendations mode is available only on the organizational level, which means that only Admins have permissions for it. Admins can access Recommendations through in-app notifications or by navigating to Settings, facilitating efficient labeling either individually or in bulk.

At the moment, this feature is available only for our cloud-based customers.

Insightful only provides recommendations for unlabeled apps and websites, and we never want to override whatever has already been set as a label. You can also easily override the recommendation and apply an alternative label you prefer.

How to use the Recommendations mode

As an Admin, you can access Recommendations anytime in 2 ways:

  • Click on the Bell icon in the top right corner of the screen and then on the recommendations

After that, you can go through the recommendations:

  • Label one app/website at a time from the drop-down menu in the Productivity column (either approving the recommendation or overriding it)

  • Label apps/websites in bulk by marking them and clicking Apply to selected.

If you want to label apps in bulk, but differently from the recommendations, you can still do it if you apply the Unlabeled filter from the same page.

Others page contains all unlabeled applications, i.e. those that we do not have recommendations for at the moment.

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