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Applying and modifying Productivity Labels and Settings in Bulk
Applying and modifying Productivity Labels and Settings in Bulk

Apply bulk changes and save time while reviewing and labeling newly used Apps and Websites

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To make it easier for Admins and Managers to quickly and easily make changes to multiple apps and websites, we have introduced Bulk Changes within the Organization Level Productivity Labeling.

Starting bulk changes

By selecting more than one app or website from the Productivity β†’ Apps & Websites tab, you will initiate a bulk change.

At the top of the list, you can choose the desired Productivity label and Settings that should be applied to all selected Apps and Websites.

Applying bulk changes

To apply all bulk changes, you have made for your Organization or Team, just click the Apply to Selected button at the top.

❗Note: Keep in mind that when you change a productivity label for a specific app/website on a Team level, you will be prompted to choose whether this change should be applied to historical data, or just the future data Insightful will capture.

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