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How to Review and Analyze Apps and Websites Employees Use?
How to Review and Analyze Apps and Websites Employees Use?

Pages dedicated to individual Apps and Websites employees use give a more in-depth view of employee productivity and behavior

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Admins and Managers needing to understand and analyze in more detail how their teams use specific apps and websites can do so with ease on these pages. The section also helps streamline the management of productivity labels and settings of these apps and websites, with flexibility and customization possible on both organization and team levels.

You can access the dedicated page for any App or Website by clicking on its name from the list on Settings → Productivity → Apps and Websites tab.

Overview tab on each App / Website’s dedicated page contains the following information:

  • Productivity label and Settings on an organization level (for Admin’s view).

  • The Latest Subpages visited as well as the time of the latest visit

  • Top Employees list lets you see which employees use a particular app or website the most, along with the total time spent on that particular app or website

  • Screenshots that are associated with that specific app or website.

Teams tab shows you:

  • Productivity labels and Settings applied per team for all Teams (as Admins)

  • Productivity labels and Settings applied for Teams from your scope (as Managers)

Admins and Managers (with the required permissions) can also change the Productivity Labels and Settings for certain Team(s) here if needed, either individually or in bulk.

In case Productivity Labels and Settings are overridden on Team-level, you can Reset them to Organization-level by clicking on the designated button next to each Team's name.

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