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Creating and Editing Projects and Tasks
Creating and Editing Projects and Tasks

Learn how to easily create, edit, delete and manage Projects and their related Tasks in Insightful

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Insightful's intuitive interface enables seamless creation and of Projects and related Tasks, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving projects. Assigning employees and setting project rates or streamlining project cost tracking is easy.

With the ability to add tasks, assign deadlines and monitor task progress with a Kanban-style Task overview board, teams can collaborate seamlessly and track project milestones effectively.

You can create projects within Insightful in two ways:

  1. Create your own projects within Insightful, as will be explained below in this text.

  2. Sync with your favorite project management tools synced into Insightful via integrations in just a few steps to track time on projects. To learn more, please visit the article Project Management Integrations: Introduction​.

The Task overview board is only available for projects created within the Insightful app.

Add a Project and Assign Employees 

  1. Navigate to Projects page where you can add your new project or edit an existing one.

  2. To add a new project, click on Add New Project button in the upper right corner of the page.

A new window will appear where you can do the following:

  • Name the project.

  • Add hourly rate if you would want to track Project costs (optional).

  • Assign Employees to a Project by ticking the checkbox next to their names.

Click on Save button on the lower right of the window.

Once you have added your Project by following the steps above, you will see its name appear on Projects page.

Add a Task and Assign Employees 

Now that your Project is on the Projects list you can click on its name to open a specific Project page. 

There you will find the Task overview board where you can add new and edit existing tasks as well as view their flow from creation to completion.

To add new Task to your Project you can simply click Add New Task on the page.

Name the Task and Assign Employees to it, similarly to the Project creation but with the following optional additions: 

  • Description box where you can leave a Note or describe the task (optional).

  • Due Date or Task completion deadline (optional).

  • Task Status (Choose one of task status options: To Do, On Hold, In Progress or Done).

  • Task Priority (Mark tasks as Low, Medium or High to help guide your team). 

Once done, click on Save button and your Task will be successfully created.

Edit, Archive or Delete a Project or Task

If you wish to Edit, Archive or Delete an existing Project or Task - the process is the same: Click on three dots at the very right of the needed Project/Task and select the required option.

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