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Managing Project-related Tasks
Managing Project-related Tasks

Learn to manage Tasks and their progress flow with Insightful's Kanban-style Task overview board and its connection with Insightful Widget

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The Kanban-style Task overview board provides a visual representation of the progress of all tasks within a project a project created directly within the Insightful app, aiding in efficient project management. It helps users track tasks from initiation to completion with ease, grouping them into stages.

Additionally, its connection with Insightful Widget ensures that individuals have a personalized view of their assigned tasks along with their current status, which helps better task management.

With real-time synchronization and Task drag & drop possible, teams can collaborate seamlessly, adjust priorities and stay aligned with project goals.

The Task overview board is only available for projects created within the Insightful app. You can find out more about this feature here: Project Management Integrations: Introduction​.

Viewing Tasks and their Progress Flow

The Tasks overview board provides a visual overview of all the tasks associated with a particular project. You can see which tasks are waiting to be started - To Do, which ones are currently being worked on - In Progress, which ones are on hold for some reason and which ones are already completed Done.

Just as on the Projects page, one can view data of each project or task from the date it was created up to the present moment or choose to analyze project/task-related data in a specific period. To do this, simply click on the calendar in the upper left corner and make the selection.

Connection with Insightful Widget

Each task on the Kanban-style Task overview board is also visible in the associated employee's Tasks Widget. A Widget is like a personal to-do list for each employee, showing them the tasks, they are assigned to along with their current status.

So, whether you're an Admin looking at the big picture on the Task overview board or an Employee looking at the projects assigned to you in the Board or your tasks in the widget, you always have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how things are progressing.

Read more about the employee's Task Widget here.


Moving Tasks Around

Admins, Employees and also Managers (with the needed permission set by Admins) can easily move Tasks around on the Task overview board by a simple drag & drop. This is a great way to communicate changes in priorities or workflows. For example, if a Task is completed, you can move it to the Done section. Or, if a Task is blocked for some reason, you can move it to the On Hold section.

Making Changes to Tasks

Admins, Employees and also Managers (with the needed permission set by Admins) can make changes to Tasks. You can change the status of a Task, assign it to someone else, or add new information to it. Employees can also start or stop the timer for a Task they are working on, add new Tasks and change the status of their current Tasks.

Keeping Everyone in Sync

Any changes you make to the Task overview board, or the Tasks Widget are reflected in real-time, so everyone is always on the same page. This helps to avoid confusion and ensures that everyone is working on the most up-to-date information.

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