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Learn about Kanban style Tasks progress board, how to view Tasks and their progress flow, and how it is connected to employee's widget

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Note: Same as on Projects page, you can view data of each project or a task from the date it was created up to now, or you can choose to analyze project / task related data in a specific time span. To do this simply click on the calendar in the upper right corner and choose

Tasks Board

Tasks Board is Kanban style board with Tasks progress status columns for Tasks On Hold, ones To Do, In Progress and Tasks that are Done. These ones are default progress status states. To reach the board click on Projects Tracking on the sidebar > choose the project you wish to analyze tasks for and Project overview page will load, along with Tasks Board.

Kanban Board shows you Task Cards with name of the Task, time spent on the Task and employees who are contributing to the Task. Admin can move Tasks from one column to another by drag & drop, or change it's priority as a mean of communication with assignee's on the Task. Task priority among other attributes can be edited by clicking on three dots. All changes made on the board will reflect on employee's Tasks Widget in Real Time.

Tasks Widget

This goes both ways, employees can also make changes to Task status from their Widget which will reflect on the Kanban Board on Projects Tracking dashboard. Besides Starting and Stopping the Task Timer and contributing to total time spent on a Task, they can add new task, change the progress status of current one and similar.

Employees can change states of tasks by clicking on the task name from Tasks list on the widget which will open specific task page. Read more about employee's Task Widget here.

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