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Introduction to Project Management with Insightful
Introduction to Project Management with Insightful

Insightful offers an integrated platform that helps monitor, manage and optimize projects, tasks and employee time

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Integrated projects in Insightful are projects synced with external project management tools through Insightful's integrations. This feature enables users to track project time within Insightful while synchronizing data with their preferred project management tools. ​

Project management requires a systematic approach to planning, executing and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed on time, within budget and according to specific quality standards.

Insightful application provides organizations with the necessary toolkit to achieve these goals by enhancing productivity, optimizing workforce management and ensuring project deadlines are met.
You can create projects within Insightful in two ways:

  1. Create your own projects within Insightful.

  2. Sync with your favorite project management tools in just a few steps to track time on projects. To learn more, please visit the article Project Management Integrations: Introduction​.

Learn more in the video below:

Tracking Time on Projects

Insightful's advanced time tracking capabilities enable you to monitor the actual hours employees spend on various projects. The feature provides accurate data on how long different tasks take helping you manage resources more effectively and plan future projects with greater accuracy.

Additionally, precise time tracking results in fair and accurate payroll processing, directly linking work performed to compensation, essential for maintaining transparency and trust within teams.

The feature is enhanced by the Insightful Widget, a user-friendly interface that allows employees to easily start and stop task timers.

Overview of Project Status and Details

Insightful's Projects Dashboard is like a centralized hub for overseeing all aspects of project management. It offers a comprehensive overview of projects, including names, assignees, tasks, total and clocked time, costs and more.

The dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of project status, showing key metrics like progress, timelines and resource allocation all in one place. This helps you see which projects are on schedule and which might need extra attention. It's designed to boost transparency and communication within teams, aligning project goals with overall business objectives.

Insightful's Project Dashboard also enables users to create and manage tasks and projects directly within the platform.

Managing Project-related Tasks

Insightful's Kanban-style Task overview board is a visual tool that organizes all tasks related to Insightful-native projects into columns like To Do, In Progress and Done, offering teams a clear view of a specific project's workflow.

It supports progress tracking and quick adjustments, making it easier to identify and address bottlenecks. It enhances team collaboration and project transparency by allowing everyone involved to see updates in real time.

The Task overview board is only available for projects created within the Insightful app.

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