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Introduction to Productivity Management with Insightful
Introduction to Productivity Management with Insightful

Insightful offers a suite of features designed to help organizations manage and enhance employee productivity

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Measuring and managing employee productivity, how efficient and effective their work-related activities are, ads a lot of value to businesses. It provides insights into individual and organizational performance, helps optimize resource management, identifies areas for improvement, and ultimately contributes to the company’s strategic goals.

Insightful offers a suite of features designed to help organizations manage and enhance employee productivity.

Activities Tracking

Insightful can monitor all computer activities during working hours, calculating both active and idle time. The comprehensive tracking feature provides insights into how employees spend their time at work, laying the groundwork for analysis and enhancements of employee productivity and utilization.

The application can capture and analyze digital activities whether an employee is working in the office or remotely. This consistent monitoring of employee productivity helps maintain accountability across teams and makes way for more precise performance evaluation.

Productivity Labeling

To better track employee productivity, you need to know how different apps or websites employees use contribute (or don’t contribute) to your business.

Whenever one of your employees uses an app or a website for the first time, Insightful will prompt you to review it via the notification button in the top right corner. This is called productivity labeling and it’s a one-time-only action required for every new app or website.

You can label the apps and websites your team members use as

  • Productive: Content that is relevant to a team's work;

  • Neutral: Content that is accessed daily, but neither obstructs or distracts from work, nor is it directly involved in getting the job done;

  • Unproductive: Private content viewed during working hours that distracts from tasks, etc.

This allows for a nuanced understanding of how employees are using their time and resources.

Productivity Reporting

Based on the labels assigned to apps and websites, as well as the time spent on each, Insightful automatically generates productivity and utilization metrics. This enables you to measure, analyze, and improve employee performance in various off-the-shelf Reports.

Additionally, you can customize the Utilization calculation to best suit your needs in Settings → Utilization → Calculation tab.

Unreviewed content will be marked as Neutral until labeled accordingly. Make sure to label new apps, websites, or categories as soon as they appear in your Notifications for the most accurate results.

In addition to accurate metrics based on usage patterns, Insightful provides real-time insights into employee productivity. The feature displays different employee statistics, including current activity status and timestamps.

Real-time insights also come with additional features, such as on-demand screenshots, that capture real-time snapshots of employees' screens to keep track of their current activities.

Apps & Websites Usage Analysis

With Insightful, insight on the most frequently used apps and websites is available on the employee, team, or company level. This data helps you understand exactly how and where time is being spent and highlight areas for potential improvement.

The productivity labels are applied to all Apps and Websites on an organizational level but can also be adjusted on a team level if necessary.

For example, while social media apps are typically clocked as a distraction, they are a primary tool for your PR or Social Media teams. In this case, you can label Social Media apps and websites as Productive when it comes to the Marketing team but still view them as Unproductive on an organizational level.

Productivity labeling can be changed after the initial setup in Settings → Productivity → Apps and Websites tab.

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