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Introduction to Insightful Reports & Logs
Introduction to Insightful Reports & Logs

Understand employee activity, productivity, and engagement on a granular level with the help of Insightful Reports & Logs

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Reports compile and analyze employee productivity and engagement data, offering insights into trends, patterns, and areas that may require attention.

With Insightful's reporting, you can elevate your workforce management strategies with actionable insights. The feature collects employee productivity and engagement data, summarizing the information in comprehensive yet digestible reports.

Insightful will show you exactly how and when your team is most engaged and productive with detailed analytics. Based on the provided data, you’ll be able to optimize workflows, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance both employee well-being and overall performance.

Timeline Reports

Timeline reports provide a comprehensive view of your employees' daily activities. You can access this data through Insightful’s Activity dashboard.

The feature offers summarized and detailed insights into each employee's work patterns, allowing you to manage shifts, breaks, and workloads more efficiently and optimize team performance without risking burnout.

Work Type Reports

Insightful's Work Type Reports provide a detailed analysis of how employees interact with different apps and websites during their work hours, offering a deeper understanding of work patterns and productivity levels. The reports use categories and tags to organize and present data, allowing you to tailor the insights to your specific needs and work practices.

There are two Work Type Reports available:

  • Category Report: Categorizes apps and websites into 16 predefined types and highlights average usage, top categories by environment (remote or office), and productivity levels.

  • Tags Report: Uses both predefined and custom tags for apps and websites, providing data on tag usage, popular tagged tools, and associated productivity levels, for a tailored analysis of work activities.


Insightful offers two types of logs for detailed monitoring and management of in-app activities:

  • Audit Logs track administrative actions like settings changes and employee updates, providing transparency and security for admins.

  • Activity Logs detail employee usage of apps and websites, offering insights into work habits and productivity.

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